Saturday, March 20, 2010

O-Conn is Graphics Hunting! You Could WIN FREE Tickets!

Wish you could get your art out there a bit faster?
Want to have your art and Graphics Featured on the site of a new and growing anime convention?

Look no further! Everyone is eligible and Everyone can try!
O-Conn is having it's 5th convention this year and is looking for new graphics to be posted on the site, , and fliers to be placed around the entire state of Texas!

This years theme is The Shogun and the theme colors are blue and gold!
I compete simply post any graphic, banner, drawing, doodle with a transparent background to your deviantart or photobucket and link it either here or email the link to the O-Conn Email,

Graphics that are chosen will be up on the site or fliers with links to your deviantart pages, smackjeeves pages or any other site that you would like, and full artist credits will be listed on the graphic as well. Also if your art is picked, you'll receive free passes to the convention! Isn't that wild!?

A few rules, we would like to keep the colors bright and the theme up beat. Also we would like to stray away from the basic nono's. No nudity, No Gore, No Cursing. With that out of the way. Let your Imaginations Run Wild!

Also keep in mind artist that art booths are still available at the convention as well! Only $15 for a table and if you're graphic is chosen, that'll cut the cost to $5! That's 1/20th the cost of most conventions!

what are you waiting for? There's no set limit to the graphics we may accept and anyone could be picked as long as we like it! It's time to take the first step into the big leagues