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Note to panels and bands:

Please keep in mind that we're a school con- it has to be rated PG (or, depending, PG-13, but don't count on it).
Try to bring as much of your own equipment as possible. We can provide tables, projection monitors, assistants, and such, but that's it.

There will be strict guidelines. Simply applying doesn't mean you have a shot.
Send as much information as you can about yourselves in your email, and be prepared for a possible background check.
This is basically a case of: "If you have nothing to fear, why hide?" If you refuse the background check if asked, you're not getting in.

Via email:
Via Facebook PM: OConnAnime
(Only if the email is taking too long/is down/etc.)

Problem with the website?
Contact Susana with an email entitled "O-Conn Website Error" (or a variation of it).