Con Rules

Please remember that O-Conn is intended to be a child-safe convention, so keep that in mind. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.
Please look here for the Cosplay Contest rules.

Con Rules
The following guidelines have been adapted from the Sandra Day O'Connor Student-Parent Handbook. 

These rules will be enforced and may lead you to being escorted out of the con without refund.

Dress Code
The following is not permitted:
  • Skirts, dresses, and culottes more than four inches above the kneecap
    • There should not be a cut or slit in clothing that extend beyond four inches in limit
  • Tops that show exposed backs of midriffs, and any see-through garments
  • Indecent/inappropriate patches, writings, or drawing on clothes
  • Footwear which has toes reinforced with steel, hard plastics, or other similar materials
  • Nudity, of any kind, is not allowed
It's recommended to bring a change of clothes in case you are asked to change. If not, you will be asked to leave the con and not return until you have done so.

  • Cosplay is not allowed in the hallways
    • The use of costumes on school grounds in outlawed in the O'Connor Handbook. If you wish to participate in cosplay, enter our Cosplay Contest
  • No actual weapons, or props that look like weapons, may be brought into the con
    • Not only will bringing a weapon into a school lead you to being escorted out of the con, the police will be notified and you may face charges
  • No live animals may be used as a prop
    • Kiba may come with a Plush Akamaru. Kiba may not come with a live Akamaru
  • Large signs are not permitted
    • Small signs around someone's neck, however, are (given that the string used is not metal)
  • Any other props must also be made of a soft plastic, stryofoam, plush, or any other soft materials
If you only want to use your prop for the Cosplay Contest, you are free to leave it with a volunteer or Council member in the library. Your prop will be kept safe and it will keep you from having problems during the con.

Artists and Vendors
  • No food or drinks may be sold, with the exception of traditional candies (such as Pocky and Ramune)
    • Other O'Connor clubs and organizations are already putting up concession stands. We ask that you help us by allowing the students to collect funds in light of the upcoming educational budget cuts
  • All candies on sell must be wrapped/bottled in their original packages
  • All art sold must be PG or below
    • If you are found selling any art above that, you will be warned, and escorted out for a repeat offence
  • No selling of copyrighted work
    • Even if it's requested, you may not draw a character from "Code Geass" and sell it. It's illegal
  • All music played must be clean (English or otherwise)
    • No "bleep"ing allowed
  • Keep shows of affection to a minimum
    • Feel free to hug and hold hands. However, no five year old wants to see you making out
  • No pretend fighting
    • We don't care if Sasuke found Itachi. Sasuke can't kill Itachi at O-Conn
  • Rollarblades/Skates, skateboards, bicycles, etc. are not allowed on school grounds
  • No excessive cursing
    • We've all stabbed our toe on something. We understand. However, please keep your language in check