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O-Conn Application Form

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  • Would you be needing power outlets? (For music, TVs, etc.)
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If you are not an N.I.S.D. student, please fill out this form
Make sure to check "Volunteer", 2010-2011 school year, "O'Connor" as your campus.
(If this link is broken or doesn't work, say so in your application email.)

- Please make sure only the members of your group come to claim your table(s) the day of the con.
If we find anyone not listed above working your table(s), you will be forced to buy another ticket.

- Money is due the day of the con. Cash only.
If you do not pay the full amount upon entrance, you will lose your table(s).

- Anyone working in the Artist Alley or as a Vendor will still be held to the general con rules. Failure to meet them will result in the loss of your table(s) and ticket(s) and you will be escorted out of the con. No refunds.

Email this form during this time:
December 15, 2010 - May 7, 2010

For information on prices, please see Artist Alley/Vendors